4 simple ways to improve your small business Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia and Sofiaperesoa

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia and Sofiaperesoa

I work for a social media marketing agency and I’m always looking out for companies that need help with their social media activity. You come across some fantastic examples – and some truly terrible examples.

Social media shouldn’t be an after-thought. It should be a key component of every business’s marketing strategy. Of course, I would recommend employing the expertise of an agency to ensure you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition. But if you’re a start-up business in the early stages of growth or a very small company, you might not have the finances to benefit from such a service.

But don’t fear – here are four simple ways you can improve your small business Facebook page:

  1. Invest in an ad
    Facebook has made it harder for brands to reach their audiences organically so, alongside sharing engaging content, you should invest in targeted Facebook ads and promote/boost key posts to generate many more ‘likes’ and achieve a greater reach. This doesn’t have to be expensive – a couple of hundred dollars a month will see results.

  3. Share valuable content
    I mentioned above about the need to share engaging content on your Facebook page – you can’t invest ad dollars alone and expect growth if you’re not sharing content that’s of value to your audience! Avoid sharing too many sales messages, your audience wants to be entertained with softer content too. Think carefully about what interests your target audience, brainstorm creative ideas and take inspiration from other Facebook business pages.

  5. Share the content properly
    Share Facebook updates on a regular basis – best practice is at least once a day; keep text to a two line maximum; triple-check your grammar and spelling and shorten website links that you’re sharing by using online tools like Hootsuite’s Hootlet button. Be sure to tag all relevant Facebook pages in updates so it appears on their timelines too – for example, you’re sharing an interesting Huffington Post article about your industry so tag the Huffington Post Facebook page. Always aim to share updates with an attention-grabbing image and consider creating some branded graphics for your page too using online tools like Pic Monkey and Canva.

  7. Look at your Facebook insights
    Do this on a regular basis to understand your audience’s demographics and social media habits, including what time/day your fans are most likely to be logged on Facebook so you know when is best to share content – you might want to schedule updates for the evenings or weekends using the simple scheduling function in the ‘post an update’ section.

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