5 ways to measure ROI & productivity increases

VoIP is gaining traction in the business world, cementing itself as a cornerstone technology. In fact, more than 79 percent of U.S. businesses are projected to have a VoIP communications solution by 2013. Merging voice and data into a single network improves productivity, which impacts the bottom line. How much? On average, $105 per employee move/change—and that’s just one example.

“With a VoIP product like TDS managedIP Hosted, that cost shrinks to almost zero,” says Joe Kramschuster, director of Commercial Product Management at TDS “For a company with 10 employee moves or changes in a year, it adds up to about $1,000 in productivity savings.”

When calculating the return on investment (ROI) of a hosted VoIP system, there are many things to consider. TDS recommends starting with these five:

1. No charges for employee office moves and changes (current average cost is $105 per move/change; reduced to almost zero with VoIP)
2. Employees can seamlessly route their calls using a telephony toolbar
3. No more managing multiple cabling infrastructures—phone and Internet are converged into a single network
4. Using “find me/follow me” features results in fewer missed calls, leading to more sales and business opportunities
5. A single inbox for voice mail and email means faster response times and improved customer satisfaction and retention

Totaling up the productivity savings puts the ROI of a VoIP system into sound, quantifiable numbers. Along with the productivity savings, there’s no significant upfront capital investment, maintenance, or upgrade fees with TDS managedIP Hosted. Learn more about ROI and TDS VoIP.

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