6 Reasons to escape your office and work remotely

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Even though the workspace you regularly do business from has everything you need at your fingertips, a change of scenery can do you (and your company) good. While I love my home office and usually find myself most productive when working there, there are occasions when I need to escape its four walls to keep my momentum going and maintain my sanity.

Working remotely every now and then helps me—and I’ll bet it can help you, too—in various ways:

  1. It can get you out of a rut—If you’re feeling bored with your surroundings and daily routine, a break from your office will help shake you out of your apathetic state.
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  3. It can jump start your creativity—New sights, sounds, conversations, and experiences can all fuel your creative mojo.
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  5. It can get you away from distractions—If you choose a secluded, quiet setting as your remote working location, you can escape non-urgent interruptions from coworkers, customers, vendors, and the public at large. And if you normally work from a home office, you’ll also avoid fretting about undone personal obligations (like the piles of laundry yet to be washed or walking the dog).
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  7. It can bolster your focus— Loading up your laptop or tablet and temporarily moving operations to a new location to increase concentration may sound counter-intuitive. But rather than distract you from your tasks at hand, it can boost focus by drawing a mental line between what you were working on at your office and what you need to accomplish in the time you’ll spend off-site.
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  9. It can boost your productivity—Similar to how it can heighten your focus, working remotely can also give your productivity a kick in the pants. The key is to define what you want to get done and commit yourself to doing it during the time you intend to spend at your temporary place of work.
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  11. It can make you feel more connected—Particularly if you’re a solopreneur like me or a professional who works independently most of the time, working remotely around other people or around nature can make you feel more at one with the world around you. Even though you’re not working with the people (or plants or animals) that may be in the background, you’re not isolated from other forms of life. Feeling connected makes me happy. I imagine it evokes positive emotions for you, too.

A few of my favorite places to work remotely include locally owned coffee shops, at the music store while my daughter is taking voice lessons, and poolside on my back patio with company of the nearly forty pots of perennials and annuals that are in bloom.

Which out-of-office settings work best for you when you take your business off-site?

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