A good boss can make all the difference

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It’s been said that people join companies but leave managers. Last week I blogged about Marina Shifrin, who quit her job at Taiwanese based Next Media Animation, in a music video. Although I don’t agree with how Ms. Shifrin exited her position she does speak to my previous point. Shifrin shares with viewers during the video why she’s leaving. She says she works for an “awesome company” but her boss only cares about “quantity” and not “quality.”

So it appears her issue is with her boss. And she’s not alone. A lot of people appear to be unhappy with their boss. Just look at some of the things people are saying on Twitter (hint: your boss probably has Twitter too).

So I took to Facebook to find out what makes a great boss. Here’s what people just like you are saying.

Evonne Warren

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Cindy Downs Comment

Flexibility, openness and access are just some of the things you said make a great boss and would help foster a positive work environment.

This past week, TDS CEO Dave Wittwer, was recognized by Get VoIP as one of the best VoIP CEO’s to work for in 2013 (For those who don’t know VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. TDS’ business solution managedIP Hosted is a VoIP technology.). According to the writer, under Dave there is, “A level of flexibility that comes to employees that have proven to be responsible and trustworthy. While the work culture is warm, there is a level of professionalism established and maintained at all times. Lastly, under Wittwer, employees have access to nearly every level of management as there are few remnants of archaic business hierarchy here.”

Flexibility, openness and access. Myself along with others can speak from personal experience that Dave (yes, we really do call him Dave) exudes all of these characteristics. But he is lacking one thing that Brad W. said all great bosses possess. Maybe he can work on this one.

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  1. Tom October 10, 2015 at 3:47 pm #

    And a bad boss can haunt you for a long time afterwards….

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