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Regardless of the capacity in which you lead – a volunteer team leader, a corporate manager or any stop in between – Brad Lomenick, author of H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle says the key to your success can be found within the title of his book. H3 looks at three simple questions: Who are you? (be Humble); Where are you going? (stay Hungry), and; How will you get there? (always Hustle). Lomenick examines each of these category questions through the lens of 6-7 different habits that effective leaders must develop in order to reach their full potential.

The founder and former president of Catalyst talks about more than the typical leadership buzz. Lomenick promotes actually becoming a change agent for your organization, and indeed, for the larger world: “Are we changing the world, or just trying to make ourselves feel good? We have to fight against the idea of just wearing a wristband and feeling as if we’ve done something.”

In essence, he suggests becoming intentional in your leadership role through the practice of habitual work, with a list habits to focus on. For example, in his exploration of “Hungry”, developing habits of innovation and curiosity are explored, and he draws on the expertise and experiences of other leaders, too, to develop those topics.

Some of the “habits” Lomenick proposes are these:

  • Self-Discovery: Know who you are
  • Openness: Share the real you with others
  • Meekness: Remember, it’s not about you
  • Conviction: Stick to your principles
  • Assignment: Live out your calling
  • Ambition: Develop an appetite for what’s next
  • Curiosity: Keep learning
  • Passion: Love what you do
  • Innovation: Stay current, creative and engaged
  • Inspiration: Nurture a vision for a better tomorrow
  • Bravery: Take calculated risks
  • Excellence: Set standards that scare you
  • Stick-with-it-ness: Take the long view
  • Execution: Commit to completion
  • Team Building: Create an environment that attracts and retains the best and brightest
  • Partnership: Collaborate with colleagues and competitors
  • Margin: Nurture healthier rhythms
  • Generosity: Leave the world a better place
  • Succession: Find power in passing the baton

Much of what we learn depends on the role models we adopt. While I don’t easily succumb to the idea that you can change your behavior by reading a book, I do believe we all can be inspired to change by introspection and hard work – and that’s just what this author suggests. I don’t know Lomenick, but I do know a quality business read and this one provides a great managerial checklist for 2016.

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  1. Linda Kilgore January 8, 2016 at 3:24 pm #

    Just fyi for those who may not know…this book does have religious references. Some will be okay with this and some will not.

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