7 apps for more productive and sustainable workflow

Photo courtesy of pixabay user JESHOOTS

Photo courtesy of pixabay user JESHOOTS

Telecommuting and Cloud Computing are two terms that continue to be a hot topic with business owners looking for sustainable and affordable solutions of operation.
Apps that allow workers to remain synched and connected prove efficient and flexible by allowing your team to be location independent. Here are seven applications you should employ to keep your team in touch and on task:

Evernote – For notes, receipts, images, clippings, and screen shots. Whether grabbing a screen shot or clipping from a web page, or storing and sharing notes and receipts for later consumption, Evernote is a toolset to use. They continue to add to the tool box.

Dropbox – For file sharing and storage. A more permanent place for files and structure, Dropbox allows you to share based on teams, projects, and with clients when necessary.

Workflowy – For to-do lists and workflow. Collapsible lists allowing for the use of tagging and task-assignment, workflow archives each item, even after completion.

Toggl – For time tracking. Measure actual time spent on projects and assign tasks to members. Work more efficiently with this tool.

RealTimeBoard – For whiteboard style communications and collaboration. Each member of your team can contribute sketches, sticky notes, diagrams, and images just like a whiteboard in the office.

HipChat – For face-to-face meetings without being toe-to-toe. Easy to use from any device. Creates something like to a chat room. Includes file-sharing capabilities.

Zapier – For reminders and connecting tasks and apps. Allows you to trigger tasks based upon other tasks getting completed. A cool tool that ties the tedious together.

Whenever you choose an app or tool to help streamline your operations, remember the acronym E.A.S.Y. when making your choice

E – Efficient
A – Affordable
S – Sustainable
Y – Y as in Why will we use this tool?

Among the benefits of telecommuting and cloud computing is efficiency, affordability, and sustainability. Maybe your “why” will be different for each tool: Flexibility, Capacity, Support, Cost. Your why will keep you motivated if it’s a good enough reason in the first place.

One important factor is that each app or tool is device ubiquitous. It should work on any device or operating system. Anytime, anywhere. By equipping your team with these tools, operational costs are lowered while communication rises.

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