Do you have your insurance policy?

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Why do we buy insurance? Isn’t it because we are trying to protect the things most important to us? The insurance policy is simply piece of mind. If something catastrophic takes place we have our most important assets covered. Let’s now put that into perspective for a business that cannot lose Internet or phone connectivity. What insurance policy do they have to protect their business continuity during outages or catastrophic events? How can businesses build in their own piece of mind?

Think about a business that drives revenue through call in orders. Employees are in a call center environment and they need their phones to do their jobs. What happens if the telephone line cuts off all inbound/outbound calls? Also, consider a business that builds widgets on-line. They rely entirely on Internet connectivity to build the widget. What can these businesses do to insure they are operational?

In the telecom world we do this through redundancy. Redundancy in simple terms is an insurance policy. Redundancy insures that when or if connectivity to the outside is compromised, you are still connected. Whether it is through multiple internet connections, hosted voice, cloud, or disaster re-direct voice service, each business should have a customized plan.

There is an old saying and it goes like this. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Take a look at your network connectivity. Do you have a redundancy plan in place should something go down?

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