Growth is not convenient, but it’s necessary

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My sincere hope is you have a craft. Something you are good at, you love and that you use to create value for the world. If this is you, keep reading. If this isn’t you, stay with me because this post may spark the creative juices that get you closer to identifying what this looks like for you.

What are you great at? Is it design, communication, public speaking, dentistry? Knowing your craft is one thing, developing that craft can be challenging and standing out in your field takes a lot of intention and effort.

The great news is there are a lot of different outlets to develop your craft. You can do this through training, having a mentor or doing the work, among other things.

I know plenty of people who have identified their craft and don’t do anything with it to further develop it. Everyone has their reasons. Here’s a few that I have identified as the most common.

  1. Time
    It’s easy to get so busy in your work that you don’t create time and space to develop your craft. Being busy doing your craft is a good thing. Being too busy to develop it puts you at risk of being left behind by others who are innovating in your field. And they will innovate.
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  3. Money
    There’s not a better investment you can make than in yourself. Set aside money in your budget for personal development; identify where you want to grow and how you will do it at the beginning of each year so you will spend money on your growth.
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  5. Knowing it all
    If you aren’t careful, this can creep into your mindset after you have been practicing your craft for a while. I run into a lot of leaders who have stopped growing because they feel like they know it all. Not only is that depressing, but it’s never true and causes you to be left behind.
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  7. It’s hard
    Growth is not convenient. Even if we love what we do, developing your craft requires you do things you may not enjoy during that process. Growth and learning new things is hard. This causes many people to stop developing because of it.

What are you doing to keep learning? Do you have a plan? Give our readers some tips on your process and keys to growing yourself to continue developing your craft.

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