Incremental improvements using six senses

Picture courtesy of Public Domain and user Petr Kratochvil

Picture courtesy of Public Domain and user Petr Kratochvil

Turning the page of a calendar is often an exciting time. Adrenalin runs high with the novelty of a new year, a clean slate. Big plans! Big Projects! This is going to be your biggest year yet. In any event, it’s a long year.

Author Robin Sharma says, “Small daily improvements always lead to exceptional results, over time.” Sometimes the best changes are the small changes. Here are six incremental improvements that involve the senses and will continue to spark success in the coming months.

Incoming phone calls are a lifeblood of your business. In many ways, a single line constitutes a call center. Ask a benefits question at the end of your answering message. Use that as a conversation starter for your return call.

Put a Call-to-Action on your marketing collateral. Your brochures, fact sheets, and even your business cards should compel your prospect or customer towards the next step.

Smell has a strong connection to memory and emotion. It’s one reason real estate professionals debate over which scent is best at an open house. Whether using potpourri or hot tea, finding a pleasing, consistent scent can boost your branding.

A “Taste on a Toothpick” works wonders in a food court. A tiny taste leads to passersby purchasing a full meal. A small taste of your service or knowledge can also lead to purchases. By launching a business blog for your company, you can offer a taste of your expertise in a short post or article.

With the use of mobile devices continuing to grow, having click-to-call phone numbers on your website can help your company get mobile ready. It’s unlikely a potential caller will grab a pen and paper to jot down your number from your site when they’re looking at it on their phone. Click-to-call will get the call.

If you haven’t started yet, invest time, in short segments, capturing yourself and your company on video. Some of the background shots or extra footage, known as b-roll, can be used at anytime as part of a future video. Get used to telling your story on video. You don’t have to publish the practice, but by your practice, you’ll create compelling content and quality video stories (like this one).

When the things you want to do or need to do get bigger than your budget or to-do list, dissect them down into smaller pieces. Easier to manage. Easier to measure. Exceptional results.

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