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Is there value in business VoIP?

Studies show that IP (Internet Protocol) communications can reduce a business’s overall costs anywhere from 3 to 40 percent. With telecom costs representing 10 percent of the typical IT fixed expense budget, the value of business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can add up quickly. A new TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS(R)) white paper offers insights into the value in business VoIP.

“Businesses are switching to a VoIP-based technology for productivity and efficiency gains, to have a scalable system that grows with them, and to be prepared should disaster strike,” says Joe Kramschuster, director of Commercial Product Management at TDS. “Cost-savings are also one of the top reasons businesses are switching.”

VoIP is becoming a cornerstone technology helping businesses and employees communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, from any device. VoIP has the ability to integrate voice and data applications to a single, unified network. The result: businesses realize lower network management costs, streamline customer service, and increase productivity.

In a pilot study at one of its corporate sites, Intel was able to document dramatic productivity increases with VoIP. The company measured times to perform a range of tasks with the VoIP system compared to its legacy phone system. They discovered scheduling a conference bridge was 7 times faster with VoIP; receiving a fax was 31 times faster. Calculating the time saved on a range of tasks, Intel determined that the typical worker saved 2.7 days per year.

VoIP can revolutionize a business’s communications and provide real bottom-line benefits. With upfront planning and foresight, businesses can gain a rapid return on their VoIP investment. For more details about the value in business VoIP, read our white paper, Finding the Value in Business VoIP.

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