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Last-minute holiday gifts fit for the gift exchange or boss!

First, let’s be clear on this — no, I don’t receive kick-backs or samples of these products for including them on this list, so I am impartial for the most part. I simply report on what would top my own wish list! That said, I hope you find something here that meets your needs:

A wallet you can’t lose. Ekster has made an ultra-slim, Dutch-crafted leather wallet, complete with a “find my wallet” app available for your smartphone that allows the wallet to ring if lost, or be found through a solar-powered GPS tracking card. Features include RFID/NFC blocking to protect credit cards from wireless skimming and private data theft. More novel is its quick card access – it pushes out your cards at a touch of a side button. Price range varies by style and promotional offers – about $79 to $109. The product reviews are excellent, but apparently it can take some time to arrive (up to three months).

Emergency tools. Draw a name for which you’re to spend under $20?  Want something better than a cheap shelf item? It is advised to put a glass breaker within reach in every vehicle you own, and there are an assortment to choose from, most under $20. Stalwart sells a pink model with a multi-tool LED flashlight, a glass breaker, and a seatbelt cutter for under $15. Some are attached to pens, some are keychain models, and others are sold as stand-alone tools. Swiss Tech features a model in this price range with a built-in panic alarm and flasher in addition to the escape tools. Looking for a survivalist disaster kit? Prep2Go sells a Paracord Survival Grenade EDC Kit with gear for about $15. It features an assortment of small items useful if you find yourself in a hurricane or camping misadventure.

A very tasteful gift. Forget sending flowers. Shari’s Berries gifts are an easy online purchase and the berries are amazingly sweet. The assorted dipped chocolate strawberries (my favorite) are perishable, but I’ve only had one bad experience when they melted in 90-degree heat on the recipient’s doorstep. Shari sent out another order the next day, at no cost to me, which was a great resolution because the friend loved them. They are pricey by the time the shipping is added (my last order was about $50) but the website often runs specials. Buy then and have the gift delivered when you want!

Non-watering plants. Bliss Gardens sells a variety of desk appropriate air plants in small globe terrariums for about $25. I can’t speak to the quality, as I haven’t purchased one, but I like the idea as an office gift. There are many others featured on Amazon, if you like the idea but want more choice.

The unexpected gift for a doodler. I have no clue how this works, but the da Vinci 3D pen would be an usual $50 gift. It uses filaments to make whatever you draw – without the need for a 3D printer. Check out the link to see what this does, exactly, as it’s hard to explain!

For those long commutes. The Gideon cooling/heating ventilated seat cushion works in the car or can be used as a desk chair vibrating massager or temperature control aid. It’s about $50 depending on where you buy it, and it’s going to be a real hit (or a real miss) gift. I think people will love it or hate it. My Minnesota sister would probably appreciate the warm tush option for those cold winter drives, while my Atlanta sister would use it to cool down in the summer! Personally, I’d liketo give it a chance in my home recliner.

I hope you all have the best possible holidays of your choice and tradition, and that your own wish lists get a hit or two, too!

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