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Veterans Day Q&A

Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all  who have served, or are currently serving, in the military!

At TDS, we have 217 employees who identify as military veterans. Combined, their service spans across all five branches of the military—Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard—and includes members from the Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard components.

Andrew Melton, specialist—Project Coordinator, recently joined TDS after 15 years in the Air Force as an explosives technician or “de-construction specialist,” as he puts it. By the time he left the Air Force, he held the rank of technical sergeant.

Andrew agreed to do a brief Q&A focused on the topic of Veterans Day. Check out his responses below:

1.  What does Veterans Day mean to you?

It’s a reminder to honor our sacred past. Our military’s tradition of honor and legacy of valor did not materialize from made up awards and embellished achievements. It was forged in the fire of battle and quenched by the blood of our fallen.

2.  How do you typically celebrate?

Happily and freely among friends and family! To be free peoples in the pursuit of happiness is the very reason why patriots became veterans in the first place.

3.  What are some ways civilians can celebrate the holiday?

In any way they choose—their freedom to do so was bought and paid for by those who sacrificed. Enjoy your freedom to the absolute fullest!

4.  What’s the number one thing you’d like people to reflect on about Veterans Day?

I’ve deployed numerous times, numerous places, and this I know from experience: Your military is the finest, fiercest, best trained, professional fighting force this planet has ever known. It was built by the valor of those honored few who answered our nation’s call. It is protected by those who selflessly answer it still. Whether you lean left or right, identify as red or blue, remember you kneel before none, because your military sons and daughters stand as one.

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