Office Madness – Teammates Division

Office Madness - Teammates

In our final division of Office Madness, we’re going to get a little personal. We spend so much time with our coworkers that they’re bound to drive us a little crazy sometimes. Maybe they’re grumpy, or gossipy, or they put on too much perfume (or too little clothes). Or perhaps your peeve is a little less personal – your dedicated coworkers come to work sick or they call their West Coast teammates at 6 am or maybe their inbox is where your important messages go to die?

And then there’s the bathroom. No really. In our informal surveys we found a number of bathroom-related problems. You can probably guess most of them, but some of them, like loud, personal phone calls direct from the stall, kind of blew our minds.

Tell us what teammate-related office annoyance you think should make it to the Office Madness semifinals. We cannot wait to find out what you pick!

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