4 Ways to recognize your employees on social media

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Jason Howie

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Jason Howie

Your employees want to be recognized, and you want to recognize them! There are times when raises, bonuses, or tangible objects are appropriate, and there are times when a quick word or email does the trick.

Then there are times when you want to be a little more public in your praise, to share with others the wonderful things your employees are doing. Showing appreciation for your employees on social media is a win-win situation for your employee and your business.

Here are ways to share your employees on social.

  1. Profile
    Depending on the number of employees your business has, you can do a weekly or monthly employee showcase. Each time post a photo of your employee along with a brief write up on why they work for your company and their specialty. A line or two about them personally (has 3 children, 1 cat, loves to hike) is a nice touch.

  3. Community award
    Did an employee receive an industry or community award? Post a photo, with details about your employee’s accomplishment, and offer your congratulations!

  5. Community service
    How do your employees give back to the community? A photo of them in action, along with a blurb about the nonprofit they support is a fantastic way to recognize your employees’ community contributions and the needs of local nonprofits.

  7. Office silliness
    I’m not talking about the clichéd photocopying of body parts here. How do your employees loosen up? One office I worked at had recess. Yes, go outside and jump rope kind of recess. Maybe you have a Twin Day or you catch someone dancing. Snap a photo and post it – as long as your employee won’t consider it embarrassing! These kinds of photos are ‘behind the scenes’ photos that people love. Plus, it showcases your business’s culture to prospective employees.

Using social media to showcase your employees accomplishes several business objectives. It allows you to show appreciation to your employees in a larger way, share your business culture to prospective employees and customers, and grow your customer base by sharing more than your latest widget or promotion.

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