Reflections of a baby boomer on social media

I am a late adopter when it comes to technology. Got a cell phone (but it’s not “smart”); got an iPad (only use it for email); Social media (only for business). Thought I would share my thoughts on this post about social media – The Big 3 – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.232435-1


Things I get:
• The very best on-line networking tool for B2B companies
• What I like about it is I can reach out to a lot of business people
to help me help my clients and my business, and I expect the same of them.
• I use it to “validate” people (who they are, what they do, what they know).
• I use it to share great business information with my network and expect the same of them.
• Join groups, listen first, start discussions, be seen as a thought leader

Things I don’t get:
• Hate it when there is no profile picture! What are they hiding?
• Wonder if they really know their 10,000+ connections?
• Recommendations are powerful; endorsements good if they know, not if they don’t
• Why are there large gaps in their work history? Sabbatical, unemployed, jail?


Things I get:
• An absolute MUST for B2C and retail businesses
• Takes a long time to amass Followers
• “Tiny URLs”
• RT, MT, DM, hashtags
• Thank people for following you/follow them back; Following/Follower ratio of 1:1 is good
• Love it when someone RTs and Favorite’s your Tweet

Things I don’t get:
• #FFing everyone
• Twitter shorthand; R u Cing this 2? Reminds me of a game show. Gee, Pat, Can I buy an A?
• How long does it take to get 98,276 Followers (and what do you do with them)?


OK, you got me. I don’t really use Facebook. I got an account because my clients wanted me to LIKE them, so I did and do. I don’t see it as a great B2B tool yet.

I do social media about one hour per day. When I see 30 LinkedIn discussions or 150 Tweets a day from someone, I wonder when they work? Maybe they use Hootsuite.

For more info re: LinkedIn:
For more info re: Twitter

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