5 simple ways to show appreciation for your employees


There is never a perfect time to show your employees appreciation for their contributions. Recognize Every Day posted a comment on Facebook that says “67 percent of employees claim they’d work much harder if their efforts were better recognized by their managers. If you want your people to give you their best, give the best to your people.” This statement is without a doubt spot on.

Furthermore, employees will have a deeper connection and more personal relationship with their leadership team and peers. They’ll also be more engaged on the job and perform their duties with extra enthusiasm and passion.

When you consistently make sure your employees know how much they mean to you, it will additionally:

  • Boost morale
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase retention rates

In light of last week’s celebration of employee appreciation day, I’ve rounded up this list of ideas and suggestions you can use to show appreciation to your employees:

  1. Say “Thanks”
    You will be surprised at just how far a simple “Thank you” can go. Your employees will appreciate you for taking the time to acknowledge them for a job well done.

  3. Highlight your team’s contributions in your company’s newsletter, website, or other publication.
    Featuring the accomplishments of your team will put their talents on display for all of the members of your organization to see.

  5. Hold employee appreciation events
    These events reinforce the value of your team and are an extremely effective way to make them all feel valued and appreciated. A few ideas for employee appreciation events include:

    • Catered lunches
    • Fun outings
    • Treating your team to lunch

  7. Offer flexible working schedules
    Your employees will appreciate working in an environment where “work-life balance” is warranted.

  9. Plan a local outing
    Spending quality time with your team can create long-lasting memories. Consider putting together an outing that all of your team can attend and take part in.


I hope these tips will give you ideas for strategies you can use and implement in your business to show your employees that you appreciate them.

Remember, employee appreciation should not be reduced to a “one-day” event—but rather an on-going effort to continuously build morale amongst your employees and develop a culture of acknowledgement, thanks and gratitude in your business.

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