7 Habits of highly effective and successful telecommuters

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Statistics and studies are plentiful when it comes to prognostications of the popularity and purpose of telecommuting.

Whether telecommuting is the growing work culture of a company or the birth of a new company operating from a home office, focus and diligence are keys to making remote work profitable for you. Here are seven habits of a highly effective and successful telecommute.

  1. Must comes before want
    The key to successful telecommuting is meeting deadlines. Better yet, beat the deadlines. If you’re able to meet your deadlines, everything seems to run smoothly. Be wise in setting appointments and deadlines. If you find yourself pressed for time or undecided about what comes next, use this mantra, “Do what you like least, first.”

  3. Keep your eye on your own paper
    Comparison is not a Compass. It’s tempting to compare your pace or standing with what others are accomplishing. Comparisons will most likely either cause complacency (if you’re ahead of the pack) or discouragement (if you’re a bit behind in production). Keep your eyes on your work and your goal.

  5. Multitasking is a myth
    Maybe you’ve heard the proverb, “If you chase two rabbits, you will lose both.” That holds true in telecommuting and projects, too. If you’re working on two projects at once, you probably won’t finish either of them. If you’re working from a home office, work assignments and home chores will compete. Segment your roles and responsibilities for greater success in each area.

  7. Outreach often
    Seldom Seen, Soon Forgotten? In today’s business world, filled with various ways to connect and communicate, you should neither feel like you are working on an island, nor should those you collaborate and work with think of you as reclusive. Reaching out in various manners such as an occasional phone call, text, face-to-face (video conference), or toe-to-toe (in person) are important in maintaining productive working relationships.

    Even with email, check your Sent Mail folder on occasion. There should be a balanced ratio of replies and initiations to signal active conversations rather than dead end and one-way communication.


  9. Eliminate excuses
    Accountability allows you to maintain control of your schedule and peace of mind. If a mistake happens or a deadline is missed, own up to it, apologize for it, review what happened – and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Making excuses is a soap opera that will repeat itself in various ways. Eventually, telecommuting is no longer a viable option.

  11. Daily review
    Have a daily meeting with yourself. Review your day’s work. If you find that starting out is slow going, get up and active early. Develop good habits. Get dressed, make the bed, start work at a designated time. If you’re being productive in a more relaxed atmosphere, keep that going. Look for things that can cause you to slump and get stuck – and nix hurdles before they become bad habits. Mantra: Keep what works, ditch the dregs.

  13. Give yourself perks and promotions
    All work and no play? A key to continued success away from the office or home alone is to reward yourself for extraordinary efforts. Remember, you get paid for doing the work that is expected. Treat yourself when you exceed expectations. Think of it this way, the more terrific your work output is, the more tremendous treats you can gift yourself. If you’re on target with the steps above, you’ll be a prize winning telecommuter. And you get to design the prizes.

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  1. Janice February 10, 2015 at 6:44 pm #

    Thank you Mike for sharing your tips, they are very good tips for all..I really like #6..:)


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