Strategies for getting out of a slump

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user geralt

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user geralt

Getting out of a slump is something everyone will have to do. Understand that being stuck in a slump is normal. It happens to everybody. What you need is a system to get yourself back on track and a way to get motivated.

If you’ve never been in a slump or you have no problem getting and staying motivated then congratulations! You are truly a god amongst men. However, developing these skills or protocols may still help. Although you may not get bogged down by day-to-day struggles the mere mortals around you might. Developing techniques for dealing with and emerging from a slump could help someone you know ignite that spark.

Keep working
First, you need to keep working in spite of the slump or funk you are in. The best cure for coming out of a slump (or worrying) is action. Leaders don’t always feel like working toward their goals, but they push forward anyways. No one ever says, “I wish I hadn’t gone to the gym today.” Or, “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard and accomplished that goal.” Even when you don’t feel like doing anything you always feel better knowing you took some steps toward a goal.

Focus on personal development
Second, if you’re stuck in a slump focus on personal development. Action is necessary to move forward. But you’ll also need to perfect your mental game. As the old saying goes, “Success is 95 percent mental and the rest is just in your head.”

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on personal development. A few minutes a day can help you break out of that funk. I like to read books on personal development. I still do the income producing or goal achieving activities, but I also make time to charge my mental battery by getting lost in a good book. Reading a book on personal development can help me stay motivated for weeks or until business picks up. Obviously it isn’t ideal to spend a whole day reading, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Remember you are not weird if you find yourself in a slump. However, know that remaining in a slump is a choice and there are things you can do to break out of it.

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