The gift of volunteering: 6 rewards for your business

Photo courtesy of wikimedia

Photo courtesy of wikimedia

Volunteering is a form of giving back. While becoming more involved on projects is a gift of time and presence to your community, there are also benefits that may manifest from your involvement.

Here are six potential rewards your business may receive for exhibiting its spirit of volunteerism.

  1. A practice of gratitude
    It is always a good, healthy practice to live with a sense of gratitude in your life, especially toward your work and community. Volunteering is a terrific way to show gratitude and be seen as a reliable resource in your area.
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  3. A helping hand to others
    Someone has probably lent you a helping hand. Volunteering is a way to pay things forward. Remember, sometimes your presence, willingness to listen, or smile can be a wonderful gift to those in need.
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  5. An exercise in learning
    Volunteering will sometimes put you and your staff to work in an area not considered your expertise. Learning new skills and practices can be seen as a form of professional development. The experience will surely open up opportunities for learning and practicing things outside your daily norm.
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  7. A form of networking and recruiting
    Any time you work with people conversations naturally take place. Often those conversations turn into relationships. The nature of these relationships might grow or extend over time. Potential collaborations, partnering, and even employment might be additional fruit from your volunteering labor.
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  9. A spotlight for public relations
    While getting a business boost from media or press coverage shouldn’t be expected, it is possible that the community and press will recognize your efforts.
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  11. A boost for morale
    By inviting your team or staff to also get involved in volunteering, you allow them to experience all the benefits listed above. Additionally they’ll become a more close-knit team both inside and outside of the workplace.

Volunteering should always be done in a spirit of giving. Although there may be benefits realized from your generous acts, they should never be expected.

Do you tap into your spirit of volunteerism daily? If not, what tools/space need developing to allow you to tap into your passions?

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