The lifeblood of your business: The telephone

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Rowan Peters

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Rowan Peters

One of the top 10 expenses for any organization, including yours, is telecommunications. This could include phone service, Internet connectivity, mobile devices, or IT infrastructure. Trying to gain a competitive edge with technology upgrades can be very costly regardless of the industry. So what is one tool that businesses can use to gain a competitive advantage without large upfront capital? Hosted VoIP.

The telephone is the lifeblood in any business and most organizations take their telephone system for granted. Their phone system is old, antiquated, and has limited features and functionality. In many cases the way the phone rings into the organization portrays a poor image to the customer trying to reach the business. How many times have you tried to call a business and either the phone rings and rings and no one answers, or all you hear is automation? What does that say to the customer?

The reality is your phone system and phone equipment is vital to your organization. It should be one of the most important operational systems in your company. So many businesses ask how they can upgrade their entire phone system with limited upfront capital and we respond with hosted VoIP. Here’s why:

  1. Ultimate flexibility
  2. 100% scalable as big as you want to grow
  3. Security and reliability
  4. Simplification of communications management
  5. Get the best calling features without purchasing equipment
  6. Lower ongoing maintenance costs
  7. Unite all of your employees, regardless of their physical location
  8. Easy to learn and use
  9. It allows a business to be more responsive to its customers

So, if your business is looking to upgrade its phone system, hosted VoIP is a great option. I advise all of my clients to explore hosted VoIP. FYI, TDS Telecom does a fantastic job in this product arena!

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