The secret to managedIP’s success

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user geralt

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user geralt

There are more VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) options than ever and hundreds of schools and libraries of all sizes across the country are choosing TDS Telecom’s business VoIP solution, managedIP Hosted. TDS Telecom sales managers Jerry Bartos and Brian Johnson say you don’t have to look much further than the Milwaukee area to see this. Both say there are multiple reasons for TDS’ success in the brew city, such as having a local presence, providing the technology schools, libraries and businesses need and a wealth of experience.

  • We’re local
    In many cases, once a customer signs up with a VoIP provider they’ll get a lot of hardware in the mail, but after that they’re on their own. Johnson says, “With TDS we’re with the customer every step of the way. There’s help available from a real person in the customer’s area. We don’t just send equipment in the mail. We install the system for you, we provide you with a tech, and we make sure everything is working from day one. Plus, if you do have a problem you know exactly who to call.”
  • We have the technology
    Many of the small schools we work with don’t have an IT person on their staff. But, because our service is hosted, they don’t need one. This also frees up IT staffs at large schools so they can focus on key projects instead of managing a phone system.

    TDS’managedIP also keeps the lines of communication open. This feature is a key benefit in emergency situations, something no one likes to think about but schools have to consider. With managedIP, no matter how heavy the call volume, parents can always get through to the auto attendant. Faculty and staff can record messages for parents in case of an emergency. Educators also like the ability to use the microphones on managedIP stations to broadcast important information to classrooms if needed.

  • We have experience
    TDS Telecom has been helping schools get the technology they need to educate future generations since the E-Rate program started close to 15 years ago. What’s E-Rate you ask? E-Rate is a government- funded program that ensures schools and libraries have access to advanced telecommunications and Internet service by providing them with 20-to-90 percent of funding for communications technology. In other words, schools can better afford current communications technology for students, teachers and administrators.

The deadline to apply for E-Rate funds was the end of March. But Bartos and Johnson are always ready, willing and able to talk to schools and libraries about E-Rate and the advanced technology options from TDS Telecom.

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