Time is ticking: Three MORE ways to make the most out of today

Photo courtesy of Morguefile user

Photo courtesy of Morguefile user

Last month I offered you three strategies to make the most out of today! Now, I’m back with three more strategies I believe will help you increase productivity.

1. Delegate wisely

Don’t be afraid to delegate responsibilities. If you’re able to employ the use of others, make sure you do so! Taking on too much work can quickly make you feel like you’re sinking in a pile of quicksand. More hands make light the work, but delegating involves much more than simply assigning tasks– it’s about making sure the right work gets done at the ideal level.

While it’s a bit of a paradox to choose between failing small or failing big, think about delegating this way: would you rather do everything yourself and prevent your team from growing, OR are you brave enough to take a slight risk in the short term, so that in a year, you’ll have an amazing team that can do more than you ever imagined?

Trust that your employees will be able to handle some meatier assignments. If your mind is set on assuming that if you are the only one who can fix something, you will always be the one to fix it.

2. Avoid Interruptions

It is inevitable that you are going to experience interruptions. Some you may need to attend to, while others you can push off. Phone calls, emails and people popping by your office all qualify as interruptions, but knowing how to deal with them will help you get through your day with greater success.

When trying to decide if you should attend to or avoid, determine whether or not the interruption is more important than the task at hand. If yes, then attend to the interruption; if no, avoid it.

One thing that may be helpful is to add a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your office door or desk to notify others that you are preoccupied. Do not instantly give your coworkers or employees attention unless it’s absolutely crucial to your work.

3. Take a Breather

Even the busiest professional needs to take a break every once in awhile. While you may have a ton on your plate that you need to take care of, if your mind isn’t clear, you aren’t going to do much good for anyone, especially your team.

So, remember to take a breather at certain points throughout your day. Go out to lunch; take a five-minute walk around your office; go get some fresh air. You will be surprised by the powerful impact taking a small breather can have on your productivity.

By employing these simple, yet effective time management tips, you can successfully attend to your hectic work schedule. When you make the most of your time, you will tackle your obligations with zeal.

Do you have any tips? Let’s hear them! Leave your thought’s below in the comments section or reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook.

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One Response to Time is ticking: Three MORE ways to make the most out of today

  1. Grace Church March 6, 2014 at 10:39 am #

    These tips are just common sense but in the real world unless you are on the top tier at your work place these options probably are not available to you. Those at or near the bottom of the tier end up with the delegate to others in addition to your own responsibilities and there is now way to stop interruptions when they come from superiors every day which then leaves no time to take a breather for fear of being replaced. Wish these dream tips would actually be available at every level but they just do not!

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