Tommytrc’s Five Key Ingredients for Social Media Engagement- the final ingredient…

Last but not least, one of the most important ingredients to a social media engagement is family. Like salt in your favorite batch of chocolate chip cookies, you’d never know it’s there…till it’s not.

Family Like moderation, family time is one thing that you may not expect to hear on a social media engagement “must have” list. But family is one of those ingredients that will add so much pizzazz to your social media experience. Looking for content to share on Twitter or Facebook? Look no further than family oriented stories and experiences.

Nothing builds more credit on the social media networks then someone who shares true blue family interaction. You can’t build good family interaction if you are on Twitter or Facebook all day, which is why the family ingredient goes hand-in-hand with our moderation ingredient. Showing family pictures and stories not only warms the heart of your friends and followers, but also shows you are a real person, which in turn builds your followers and friends. It’s a simple cycle.

Now, just because you talk about your family, does not mean you need to give up their identity. We need to be careful with our privacy. I talk about my wife online all the time, but instead of giving up her name, she is referred to as “mrstommytrc.” This makes it fun, while also keeping your privacy level high. You can experiment to see what works for you.

Now remember kids, if your initial blend of herbs and spices isn’t exactly right, no need to worry or fret. Social media is your creation and you make it what you want. I know from personal experience that mom’s special sauce was always a work in progress. A little more of this, or a little less of that. Like all great cooks, experimenting to get the blend just right takes time and practice, but once you hit it, you will be a social media engagement gourmet!

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