Tommytrc’s Five Key Ingredients for Social Media Engagement

I come from a very strong Italian background. My grandfather on my mother’s side was born in Sicily, so preparing and enjoying food took a major role in my social upbringing.

Social media is like the recipe for “Mom’s” favorite spaghetti sauce. Everyone has a secret recipe and each is a bit different from the next, though the purpose of the finished product remains the same- bringing smiles to the consumer’s face!

Like every good recipe, you start by throwing a few key ingredients together, season to taste and Voile! Your masterpiece takes shape. The key ingredients to social media engagement are also simple. But, remember, your measurements may vary, as everyone’s social media engagement “strategy” is different.

I have five key ingredients to social media success and today we will focus on ingredients 1 and 2, Interaction and Sharing.Interaction It’s next to impossible to be involved in social media without interacting with others. Interaction is one of the main ingredients to a successful social media experience.

Regardless if you are using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, the base for each of these social media services is to interact with others. This may be the hardest work you do. You must get out there and meet people, strike up conversations and do some old fashioned “networking.” People can tell if you are genuine or not, and in social media, the one thing you cannot fake is interaction. While some people may find it hard to strike up a conversation on social media sites, I say it is like the first dip into the pool, just do it! Once people start replying to your questions or comments, you will get the bug. And it’s infectious. Interaction feeds on other interaction, and before you know it, you will be a social media butterfly.

Share As you build your social media recipe, it’s next to impossible to go through your day without seeing something that is worth repeating. Whether it’s a post on Twitter or a “Like” and comment on Facebook, if you like it, spread the word. Like a telephone operator in the old days, if you see a comment that you feel your network of friends will like, “patch it on in” and pass the good 411 around. On Twitter you would retweet it, or on Facebook you comment on it. That way people in your networks can be exposed to valuable information and find people with whom they normally would not cross paths. In the Twitter world, the sincerest form of flattery is to be retweeted by someone else. Sharing is critical for true social media engagement.

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