Want to succeed? Double down on failure!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia user Ppntori

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia user Ppntori

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” – Les Brown

Fear holds people back. Many of us feel we need every detail planned before starting on the road to success –– otherwise we’ll make a mistake. Many of the most successful people in the world have failed many times and don’t hide that fact.

The fastest way to success is to double your rate of failure. Don’t get sucked into paralysis by over analysis. I can guarantee you’ll never be successful if you wait for the stars to align just right before you take action. Adversity and setbacks are normal in any endeavor. If you prepare yourself mentally for obstacles it will be easier to handle them when they occur.

It may help you to think of your journey to success as a road trip. Imagine you’re taking a trip from New York to California without a map (or smartphone) and you’re using the stars to navigate. All you know is you have to go west and south. You’ll make progress each day knowing the general direction you need to travel. But at night is when you’ll be able to use the stars to readjust your course.

You’ll probably get lost from time to time and ask for directions. I’d suggest you do the same when trying to attain your life goals. Seek out mentors and leaders in the field you’re trying to master. There is a good chance, no matter what you are after, that someone has traveled down the same road you’re on.

Again, you should expect to encounter some obstacles but that doesn’t mean you won’t make it to “California.” There might be road construction and you may even have to take a detour, but your goal isn’t going to go anywhere.

Regardless of the best laid plans you never know when and where the detours will pop up. Waiting will only keep you away from reaching your final destination. Take action today and start to make your dreams a reality!

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