Why you want clients not customers

Photo courtesy of localfitness.com.au/

Photo courtesy of localfitness.com.au/

What’s the difference between a customer relationship and a client relationship? If you think they’re the same thing; think again! There is a major difference between a customer and a client relationship. So, lets distinguish the two.

A customer is a person who purchases goods or services. All they do is buy. But a client pays a professional person or organization for services rendered. They depend on the protection of the professional person and or organization.

Customers simply make transactions. They buy something at the mall and run their credit card through the terminal. It is a simple monetary transaction for goods and services. There is no ongoing relationship, no emotional connection and most importantly a slim chance of repeat business. Certainly they would never refer anyone to you for similar service.

Envision your business practice if it was filled with simple transactions. Simple one time transactions! You collect a small commission for the sale and never speak to the person or business again.

Now envision your business practice filled with clients. Clients are the people you build relationships with. They’re the ones who trust you for advice and are seeking your help to solve problems. Clients benefit from using your products and services and you’ve made a connection with them. In some cases those connections last a long time. Clients trust you and believe you are putting their best interest ahead of commission dollars. Clients refer their friends and family to your business because of the good things you did for them. If it was great service, or a great experience clients will come back for repeat business.

So ask yourself this question. Do you have customers or clients?

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