3 Reasons you should #WorkFromAnywhere

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user Sh1ra

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user Sh1ra

You have the technology. You can step away from your desk or office and remain connected. But you don’t. Instead you sit there staring out the window pining for something else while you toil away on that big sales presentation or while you rack your brain for a solution to that problem. Maybe a change of scenery would help! What better time to change things up then during the waning days of summer? Here are three reasons you should take this opportunity to #WorkFromAnywhere.

  1. The experts say cubes are out
    In the Detroit Free Press experts from Herman Miller, the company credited with creating the office cubicle, say the nature of daily work tasks have led to changes in office design. Sweeping changes in office design reflect a more collaborative team approach to achieving work goals. People don’t sit alone inside three, high cubicle walls laboring away all by their lonesome. These days people scurry from small group meeting to small group meeting with a laptop or tablet in tow.

    Gretta Peterson a workplace consultant for Herman Miller says, “Most work has changed and most offices haven’t.”

    So, instead of huddling up around someone’s cube to talk about that project or sitting in a drab, gray conference room why don’t you take that meeting outdoors or anywhere else other than the office.

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  3. Go get some sun because you may not see it again until…who knows
    I’ve lived in southern Wisconsin for most of my life. Some who have never visited the Badger state may be going, “Oh, that’s so sad.” And I can totally understand because the national perception of Wisconsin and its proud residents differs greatly from reality. Nationally Wisconsin is frequently portrayed as a dimly lit, haven for beer, cheese and hunters clad in orange.

    I can dispute many of those claims about Wisconsin (Except maybe the cheese part. Cheese is delicious.). However, I can’t deny that the home state of Charlotte Rae, who’s most famous for her portrayal of Edna Garrett on TV’s The Facts of Life, doesn’t receive a whole lot of sunshine. As a matter of fact, according to bestplacestolive.net Wisconsin only receives 187 days of sunlight per year. The average in the US is 205.

    If you live in a northern climate such as the great state of Wisconsin it may be in your best interest to schedule your next meeting on your office’s patio, a nearby watering hole, the beach or really anywhere with windows. Realistically once August is over who knows when you’ll see the sun next!

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  5. Get those creative juices flowing
    Does your team have a problem it’s trying to solve? Have you been stuck for weeks or worse months trying to come up with a creative solution to this particular problem? Maybe a change of scenery would help. In a blog that appeared on SalesForce.com Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.com, says, “Just as people act differently depending on what they’re wearing (a term referred to as “enclothed cognition”), they also act differently depending on their physical environment.” So, a less formal setting could give your team the spark they need to find a creative solution to whatever challenge or problem is in front of them.

Of course these are only three reasons you should break the bonds that tie you to your desk and/or cubicle. I’m sure you can think of more. Feel free to leave those ideas in the comments section below.

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