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6 reasons to make TDS your business internet service provider (ISP)

In recent years, it’s clear that fast, reliable internet has become a crucial tool for conducting business. The internet connects businesses, employees, and customers, allowing for the sharing and exchanging of ideas, information, and services.

For businesses, internet access is just as important as other utilities like water and electricity. TDS is an internet service provider (ISP) that equips your business with the tools, reliability, speed, and security it needs to thrive in a world that’s moving faster than ever before.

Here are the reasons why you should make TDS your next ISP.

Increasingly Available

With over 1.2 million connections nationwide, TDS is a forward-looking ISP, expanding its advanced fiber network every day and strengthening it with built-in redundancies. Choose from our high-speed internet, rock-solid phone service, powerful Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions, entertaining TV packages, and strong cybersecurity products.

Our trained sales reps are available to answer questions, fulfill your needs, and discuss what products or services may be available to you. Fill out this form for a free quote!

99.9% Network Reliability

For many business customers, reliable internet is perhaps the biggest factor to consider when selecting an ISP—especially those that require heavy broadband usage or can’t risk service interruptions. For TDS, reliability is of paramount importance. Our expansive fiber network has a 99.9% network reliability guarantee for uptime, meaning that all services delivered via our all-fiber network are as reliable as they come.

TDS’ core network is also incredibly reliable due to its expansive peering footprint. Peering is a process that allows two networks or services to connect and exchange traffic, resulting in fewer network bottlenecks, quicker response times, and higher transfer rates for users. Across the country, TDS peers with over 320 unique providers, including many of the IP transit providers and large content delivery services you use on a daily basis—like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Netflix.

TDS’ network also has multiple interconnections with our peer providers on different routers, ensuring redundancy, high availability, and more bandwidth at our core sites.

Speeds up to 1Gig

Speed is another important factor when selecting an ISP, especially for businesses with high data needs or scarce options available in their area. When comparing plans, the number you are looking at is called the “Bandwidth,” which is simply the volume of information per unit of time over an internet connection.

With a variety of flexible, scalable internet solutions, TDS can help you advance your business forward. With standard high speed internet options available up to 1Gig and Dedicated Fiber Access (DFA) available up to 10Gig, TDS has the speed you need.

To help determine your business’ broadband needs, please head over to our website for some of the key factors to consider when choosing an internet solution.

Connections that meet your needs

As important as speed is, the type of connection has a huge influence on how the connection actually performs. TDS has both shared fiber and dedicated fiber options to fit your business’ needs.

Shared Fiber

From cloud-based applications (Workday, Dropbox) to video conferencing services (Microsoft Teams, Zoom), businesses rely on internet to streamline processes and enhance productivity. With symmetrical speeds up to 1Gig, TDS’ fiber internet has identical upload and download speeds. Snappy upload speeds ensure multiple employees can access the cloud, participate in web conferences, and upload large files on the same network, simultaneously.

Dedicated Fiber

With TDS’ Dedicated Fiber Access (DFA) and Metro Ethernet, you don’t have to compete with nearby businesses for bandwidth over a shared connection—the secure connection is delivered directly to your business, and your business alone. Service level agreements cover network elements like latency and jitter, and guarantee that you get the highest level of up time possible—even during peak usage times.

With scalable speeds up to 10Gig and 24/7 advanced technical support, DFA is the ultimate solution for businesses that rely on consistently fast performance.

Competitive pricing

In order for an ISP to make sense for you, it’s not all about performance—the solution also has to fit your budget. TDS constantly offers promotions available to new customers that do not already have our services. We also offer a wide range of price points to meet your business’ needs, from no-contract to yearly termed pricing options.

Built-in security

Finally, the security of the connection is another important consideration. For our customers and our network, TDS has a dedicated, in-house system that manages security attacks and DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks.

Our a la carte service, TDS Internet Security, is also available to protect your business from existing and emerging online threats. It will allow you to:

  • Prevent dangerous attacks. Protect your devices from malware and ransomware by blocking access to harmful websites and warning users about malicious links.
  • Manage devices remotely. The MyAccount management portal allows administrators to easily protect employee devices, send installation links and reminders, and add new users or devices.
  • Safeguard financial transactions. Banking Protection blocks unwanted connections and man-in-the-middle attacks to give you peace of mind while banking or shopping online.


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