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Analyzing financial data

Young companies without a strong credit history still have options

One of my best friends is a CPA. He teaches accounting to small business bookkeepers all over the country. I’ve even been through his course… more...
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3 questions to ask yourself before you look for a small business loan

It used to be that when your small business needed money to grow you went to a bank. Read why blogger and small business finance pro Ty Kiisel says that is no longer the case.
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When is the right time to look for financing to grow?

You may want to expand your business right now. Ty Kiisel tells you what you need to know before you make what could be a very expensive mistake.
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Common mistakes that make borrowing harder for small business

Getting a small business loan is tough. Don't make it harder than it needs to be. Blogger and financial expert Ty Kiisel shares some common mistakes that make borrowing harder for small businesses. He also offers six steps you can take to avoid those errors.
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You can’t use a magic wand to improve your credit score

Is your credit report in bad shape? Blogger Ty Kiisel has two pieces of advice to help get your credit report in great shape.
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What does your credit score really say?

Will your personal credit score impact your ability to get a business loan? Blogger Ty Kiisel says yes and tells you what lenders think when they see your score.
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One size small business financing does not fit all

No two businesses are the same. So should financing for those businesses come in one size? Blogger and Forbes contributor Ty Kiisel says no!
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Your lender won’t fix your credit—It’s up to you

There's no magic solution to bad credit. Just hard work. As Blogger Ty Kiisel points out it's up to you and you alone to fix your less than stellar credit report.
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The five ‘c’s of small business lending and why you can’t ignore ‘c’ number five

Ignoring the fifth 'c' of small business lending is a sure fire way to have your loan declined.
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