Invest in your business’ future with Dedicated Fiber Access from TDS

Officially two years after coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, companies across the nation are welcoming their workers back to the office.

This collaboration in the workplace will surely have a positive impact on the productivity and overall morale of your workforce—as long as employees aren’t bogged down by slow internet speeds. According to a study conducted by the researchers at SanDisk, employees lose “one week per year of productivity” from slow internet connections. Slow internet speeds also significantly impact employee morale, customer experience, and customer service.

Dedicated Fiber Access (DFA) from TDS Telecom is the solution to keep your business competitive and productive for years to come. Here’s why:

It prepares your business for the future.

According to Business Insider, the shift towards cloud computing has been one of the most significant trends in the past few years. More and more, we’re seeing businesses shift away from owning and operating their own data centers in favor of cloud computing services and cloud-based applications.

The cloud presents many benefits to businesses, including slashed IT costs, more flexibility and efficiency, improved security, and increased performance. In fact, Gartner believes that 85% of enterprises will adopt a cloud-first principle by 2025.

With such a large portion of everyday business now being done online using these cloud-based services and applications—from data backups to meetings and teleconferences on Zoom and Microsoft Teams—it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve.

It has symmetrical speeds.

Dedicated Fiber is a distinct advantage for businesses using and relying on cloud-based services—and for business simply requiring fast upload speeds. That’s because DFA offers symmetrical speeds, meaning your connection has the same upload speed as download speed.

Fast upload speeds are vital for businesses that rely on the internet for uploading large files or have many employees sharing the same network. Typical uploads include:

  • Sending data to a bank, insurance provider, credit card company, or e-commerce site.
  • Backing up your data to the cloud.
  • Uploading web content.
  • Posting on social media.
  • Livestreaming events.
  • Teams or Zoom calling and teleconferencing.
  • Using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system.

It’s scalable.

To satisfy evolving needs, DFA gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your broadband resources. To fit the needs of your business, there are bandwidth options available from 50Mbps to 10Gbps.

It’s exclusive.

Dedicated Fiber from TDS offers private bandwidth that belongs to your business, and your business alone! You’ll have the fast internet you need, even at peak times when you need it most. Since it’s a private network, DFA is more secure than copper-based solutions like DSL and cable.

You get what you pay for… guaranteed.

There is always a need for speed, and you can get service level agreements to ensure that you have the highest level of “up time” possible. In fact, we guarantee 99.99% network reliability.

It’s more affordable and available than ever.

TDS Telecom is rapidly expanding its fiber footprint. In 2021, TDS deployed 86,000 new marketable fiber service addresses—and more are being added each month. Due to TDS’ emphasis on expanding its fiber network, access to the technology has become more readily available than ever. Subsequently, this has resulted in the lower costs for the premium product.

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