Meet Clicky the new TDS TV mascot

I’d like to introduce you to Clicky our new mascot for TDS TV. TDS recently launched our new TV service in Dane Co. Wisconsin. Clicky has been busy at local parades in the area and has even visited our employees at the headquarters in Madison.

Our marketing team decided to have some fun with Clicky and recently published a series of YouTube videos featuring a day in the life of our friend Clicky. My favorite is the pep talk Clicky gets from our CEO Dave Wittwer. Who knew a remote control could do planks? (Sorry, they are for employee viewing only)

If you own your own business you know how much hardwork goes into launching a new product. Even though TDS is a Fortune 500 company, we go through all the same steps (and probabally a few extra) as any size business would to build and launch a product to customers.

The Clicky mascot is a new concept for TDS — we’ve seen it work for many other companies and so I wonder if any of our customers have ideas or experiences about their use of mascots? Do you?

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