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Polycom VVX500 phoneNext time you get a chance, take a look around your office or cubicle. Just like snowflakes, no two are the same. But I’ll bet they have at least one thing in common — sticky notes! In case you’re not familiar sticky notes are those little pieces of bright colored paper with adhesive on the back.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) they can be tough to recycle. Sticky notes can’t be processed by all recycling facilities because of the adhesive. According to Karen Ballin, a district administrator with the Monticello, Wis. school district, her office was filled with the pesky little pieces of fluorescent paper until they invested in TDS’ managedIP Hosted service.

Karen says,”I have fewer and fewer sticky notes, fewer and fewer note pads with all my scribbled messages.” See Karen’s full take on managedIP Hosted.

Other school districts are learning about the advantages of managedIP Hosted and joining the Monticello School District. The TDS hosted VoIP solution has enabled teachers and school staff to change the way they work and become even more efficient. A large number of TDS school customers across the country have chosen TDS managedIP.

For many schools and libraries, upgrading to a service like managedIP Hosted becomes more feasible with financial assistance from E-Rate, a government-funded program that’s administered by the Schools and Library Division (SLD) of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). E-rate ensures that those institutions have access to modern telecommunications and Internet services. E-Rate provides schools and libraries with 20-90 percent of funding for services like managedIP based on economic need. Most components of hosted VoIP services receive first priority E-Rate funding from USAC.

Upgrading to managedIP Hosted may help you cut down on the number of sticky notes and pads of paper you use. But the benefits don’t end there. You should subscribe to this blog for more information as we’ll continue to bring you the latest with managedIP Hosted. You can also head to for more information.

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