TDS Quick Guide: The Power of Remote Possibility now available

Let’s face it, how you do business has changed. Our reliance on internet and phone has never been more significant. It’s time to start taking advantage of the features that TDS managedIP Hosted and Unified Communicaitons (UC) has to offer!

That’s why TDS published this easy quick guide to help you understand and implement these features with ease. The guide covers:

  • How Unified Communications allows you and your team to set up an office anywhere there’s Wi-Fi
  • How tools like Instant Messaging, Meet-Me Conferencing, Softphone, Call Pull and Call Push can close the distance between employees and customers
  • How TDS can assist you in improving communication and collaboration, and strengthening your connections
  • And much, much more.

TDS is truly in the business of providing tools and solutions to help strengthen your business connections, while simultaneously improving collaboration.

Support for managedIP and Unified Communications includes design and configuration that will tailor your solution to your business need. On top that, TDS will even train your employees so they can make full use of the tools.

The business customers that already use these solutions renew at 99% rate. Coincidentally that’s what TDS boasts in terms of uptime (99.999% to be exact), because we have redundant data centers to protect against natural disasters and power outages.

To download the free Quick Guide: The Power of Remote Possibility, go to To speak with a dedicated sales representative call 1-844-351-7793

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