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Your social media might be the reason you’re not getting hired

According to The Muse, one in three employers reject candidates based on what they find online. Here are some tips for maintaining and protecting your social media identity.
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HR Insider: Resume pitfalls to avoid

Writing a resume can be difficult -- how do you sum up your career in just a few bullet points and sentences? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things NOT to do on your resume so you don’t stand out for the wrong reason!
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Tolerance: Holidays besides Christmas

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Christmas is not the only holiday this festive season. In fact, tens of millions of Americans either celebrate different holidays or celebrate no holiday at all. This makes this season a fantastic opportunity to practice tolerance and appreciation toward others. And the best part? Here are four easy ways to do it:
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The job applicant/HR disconnect

The results of the 2016 Future Workplace Study are in, and the findings say HR professionals and job applicants have different mindsets and goals. Find out how they differ!
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5 things to consider when crafting your new HR plan

With the beginning of a new year comes HR planning and policy review. Blogger Margaret Jacoby describes the most important aspects of employee handbooks to evaluate.
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Can technology improve HR results and impact the bottom line?

Should your business implement a Human Resources Management System? Blogger Margaret Jacoby talks about four benefits you may receive.
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4 Tips for managing generation Z employees in the workplace

In previous articles on Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y/Millennials, we’ve highlighted the characteristics and best management strategies for these generations of workers. Now we turn our focus to Generation Z.
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How to effectively nurture and prune staff

The difference between success and failure could be the addition or subtraction of one employee. Blogger and award winning business journalist Jody Glynn Patrick tells you how to effectively nurture and prune staff.
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Extra pay period: Perk or problem?

Haven't started looking ahead to 2015? You should! For some the new year will bring a payroll irregularity that needs to be addressed. Blogger and award winning business journalist Jody Glynn Patrick offers her take on how to deal with this accounting perk/problem.
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