3 tools needed to manage a virtual team (part II)

bonnie andrews author-boxHere are three essential tools needed by a successful virtual team.
Blog presented by Guest blogger, Bonnie Andrews. Missed part 1? Read it here.

Leading a virtual team, or being a successful virtual team member, is not about art at all—it’s about science. It’s about clearly defining roles, being deliberate and fueling a well-oiled machine. As I mentioned in part I, there are five standards successful virtual teams follow. And, there are three tools that can help virtual teams stick to those five standards of success.

On the teams I’ve been part of, the standards and tools have been critical to our success and pivotal in our failures. When we use them correctly it’s obvious in our working relationships and the bottom line.

A. Google. Specifically Google+ Hangouts and Google docs. I recommend a weekly Google+ Hangout and of course documenting everything through Google docs. These two tools really help with team camaraderie, focus, and organization.

B. Basecamp. If you don’t already know, Basecamp is a phenomenal project management tool. Basecamp is where we keep the accountability stakes high and it’s worked incredibly well for us.

C. Snagit. Snagit is a fabulous little tool that makes a HUGE difference. You know how they say ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’ that’s Snagit. This screen-capture (video and image) makes it easy to communicate exactly what you mean by “snagging” images, audio, video and text and sharing them with your virtual team. Now, you don’t have to wait for the next team meeting, hope you can explain your ideas, or figure out how to say it in an email. Snagit allows you to have almost real-time feedback in a physically divided environment.

So there you have it, the science of mastering a successful virtual team lies within five standards and having the right tools to support them. No matter how big or small your virtual team is, you’re ready for success.

Our guest blogger Bonnie Andrews is a marketing maniac. She provides marketing DIY expertise for business owners in local and online establishments. Her colleagues tout her as the gal who “gets stuff done and has a million great ideas.” She mainstreams marketing plans and makes things happen for businesses in start-up mode to multi-million dollar mavens. Bonnie’s skills and experience with virtual teams, customer service and rock solid marketing principles have shaped her ability to offer products and services that flourish solely by word of mouth. She’s been in the industry for more than seven years and has enjoyed every minute of it. Follow her at her in her newest adventure at MaxThatMarketing.com or on Twitter: @weMAXthat

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  1. Diana April 30, 2014 at 5:26 am #

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