People will work for a living but they will die for recognition

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia user Evan-Amos

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia user Evan-Amos

This key concept is one you will want to keep in mind while building your team or leading your organization. When it comes to leadership, focus on empowering your team or organization.

A solid recognition system can really help your team reach new heights. I’m sure most of us know a boss or leader who rarely talks or acknowledges their employees presence until a mistake is made, right? Well, that’s one way to lead a team. You can move people through fear and punishment or by encouragement and recognition. I’ve personally been on the receiving end of both and I consciously decided to lead using the latter.

If you use fear and punishment to lead your organization will do what you say when you are around, but the second you leave people will do things to spite you. You want to give your employees or team a reputation to live up to. Guide them with a vision of what they could be rather than fear of losing their job and recognize when your employees or team take steps in the right direction.

Make sure you praise in public and punish in private. When someone does something right they want everyone to know. If someone in your organization hits a new sales record or is constantly doing good work, let everyone else know as well. People love being in the spot light. It can also motivate others to do better. If it’s necessary to correct a bad behavior or discipline an employee, do it in private. Let them save face and they will be more likely to listen to your criticism if you don’t embarrass them in front of everyone else.

If you focus on leading by example and empowering people through recognition and encouragement you will take your business or organization to new heights. As I always say, “Celebrate what you want to duplicate.”

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