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There’s something in the air. It’s the smell of BBQ, potato salad, and forced socialization. That’s right – it’s company picnic season!

While typing pools, formal dress codes, and three-martini lunches have come and gone, the company picnic remains as one of corporate America’s most cherished traditions. But, in the spirit of working from anywhere, these annual events aren’t really just about play.

Unlike those relics of the Mad Men-era, company picnics flourish in the modern business world because of the benefits they continue to provide companies and their employees. Company picnics:

Build Morale
A day of fun in the sun helps build morale by giving employees a break from the everyday grind. Hosting a picnic is a great way to show employees that they’re noticed and appreciated.

Strengthen Teamwork
Company picnics are a great excuse to bring together employees that work in different locations (or work from home) as well as employees who don’t often work with each other. Who knows what brilliant collaborations will be fostered by the high-level strategery required to dominate the three-legged race?

Bring the Fun
We may mock the menu or pooh-pooh the play, but at the end of the day, company picnics are fun. While I spent more than one company picnic praying that no one would kick the ball in my general direction, the truth is that I treasure those memories and the time I got to spend with coworkers both past and present. In fact, most of us probably have a company picnic story (or two) worth sharing. Share them on our Facebook page now through the end of August and you could win gift cards to help you fund your own event.

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