What do your customers really care about?


The first thing we need to understand as small business owners is that most of our clients and customers just don’t care. They don’t care about us. They may not even care about what we sell or provide in exchange for their hard earned dollars. They really only care about one single thing:

What is in it for them…

Now, I’ve worked with small business owners that couldn’t get past this fact. They were offended or got mad at the thought that their customers were not as passionate about their business as they were. And I do understand! Our businesses are our babies and we care what those around us think about what we are doing.

But the fact of the matter is, our customers do not, nor will they ever, care as much as we do. They only care about the VALUE we deliver. So, ask yourself: What can we offer them that our competitors cannot? Why should they do business with us over the guy down the street? How can I add value for my clients in a way that no one else can?

In an economy where most people’s brand loyalty is driven more by price than anything else, businesses that wish to remain profitable have to focus on delivering more than the next guy. They have to deliver more value than their competitors and spend more time investing in their customers and prospects if they want to stand out from the status quo.

Case and point… Just this past week, I had an issue with my HVAC system and had to find a professional to repair the problem. After interviewing a few of the most reputable companies in my area, I come across the one company that was going to clearly win my business. The representative took the time to walk me through their entire process from start to finish. He showed me the added value in their system and never knocked the competition. He made sure I was completely comfortable with their way of doing things and very clearly communicated the price and what I was going to receive in exchange for my cash. He made me feel like I was his most important customer and the time he took to educate me was priceless in my book.

Invest in and honor your prospects if you want more than a price shopper for a client. The clients that sing your praises and tell their friends about you are the ones who crave value from you. Price is important; but as a consumer, I am far more concerned with the level of value I am getting than the price I am paying for a product or service.

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