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Protect your business from cybersecurity threats!

Did you know a typical cyber-security attack that infiltrates a small business can cost close to $200,000?

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month—a time for businesses of all shapes and sizes to educate themselves on cybersecurity principles and evaluate what they can do to better protect their sensitive data from digital forms of crime.

While high-speed internet is a powerful enabler for businesses of all shapes and sizes, theft of digital information has become the most reported form of fraud—surpassing physical theft. As businesses continue moving toward a more digital environment, increased dependance on third-party vendors and online transactions present more cybersecurity risks than ever.

With large companies heavily investing in improving their cyber defenses, small businesses have become vulnerable targets. Here are five ways to protect your business:

  1. Train your employees on security principles

Start by establishing basic security practices and policies for your employees, along with establishing appropriate internet use guidelines. From must-know topics like secure remote access and email authentication technology to emerging threats like ransomware, phishing attempts, and tech support scams—learn the basics of protecting your small business from cyber-attacks by visiting the FCC’s cybersecurity for small businesses resource.

  1. Maintain your electronic equipment

The best defense against viruses, malware, and other online threats is keeping your machines clean and equipped with the latest operating systems, web browsers, and security software.

One easy way to manage your devices is through Remote Device Support from TDS. This affordable support service allows TDS technical experts to fix your computers and mobile devices by remotely accessing them through an application you install. The Device Cleanup feature provides system safety suggestions and allows TDS experts to remove browser hijacking software from your devices.

  1. Create a cybersecurity plan for your business

According to the FCC, 83% of small businesses don’t have a formal cybersecurity plan to protect themselves (and their customers) from cyber threats. As businesses continue leveraging broadband technology—including smartphones, mobile payments, and the cloud—they must increase their security and follow best practices so continue running efficiently.

The FCC recently re-launched their Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0—an online tool designed to help small businesses create a customized cybersecurity plan through help and recommendations from security experts.

  1. Boost your current internet subscription

Third-party security solutions outside of your ISP often come with binding one-to-three-year contracts. TDS Internet Security offers comprehensive protection while you surf the web, shop, bank, and use social media on your PCs, mobile devices, or tablets—without the constraints of a contract!

Internet security allows you to:

  • Prevent dangerous attacks from malware and ransomware by blocking access to harmful websites and warning users about detected malicious attacks.
  • Manage devices remotely via the MyAccount management portal, which allows administrators to easily protect employee devices, send installation links and reminders, and add new users or devices.
  • Safeguard financial transactions with the Internet Security feature. Unwanted, invisible third-party connections can manipulate the financial transactions you are trying to make and transfer funds to an untrusted party. Available for Windows computers and Android phones or tablets, Banking Protection gives you peace of mind by preventing man-in-the-middle attacks and blocking untrusted internet connections during your banking and shopping sessions.
  • Receive 24/7 assistance from our knowledgeable TDS support teams if a security issue arises.
  1. Secure your Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi security prevents unauthorized users from accessing your network and stealing data. One way to improve Wi-Fi security is by offering visitors a secure guest network, which creates a barrier between your company’s primary network and security threats like malware and spyware that could otherwise spread to other computers inside the network.

TDS Wi-Fi+ for Business allows you to set up guest networks, control access, and manage your network from the app. The mesh technology also comes with two access points for superior coverage and efficiency.

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