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New website for a new experience

I know you just got here, but I’d like you to leave for a minute.

Go check out the redesigned Go ahead, I’ll wait.

[I’m waiting]

Looks pretty great, doesn’t it? Our team worked hard to design a new site that gives you a better customer experience.

If you peruse the site, you’ll find fresh information, engaging graphics and a responsive design, which means you’ll have a great experience whether on your desktop, tablet or phone. And with so many of us busy and on-the-go, chances are we’re surfing the web from our phones these days.

Our team also streamlined the site’s navigation so you can find what you’re looking for with fewer clicks. You’ll also find this very blog integrated throughout the site’s pages. I don’t mind if you come back and visit any time.

Some gems from the new site that you’ll find in an instant:

Business Relocation Checklist provides a step-by-step checklist to help you stay organized during your company’s move. You’ll be free to care for your customers.

Star Business Bundles will help you customize the phone and internet service you need to run your business.

TDS managedIP Hosted is the robust VoIP solution designed to make your business more efficient and responsive.

TDS Business is here to provide you with confidence in every connection, and the new site will better connect you with us. Welcome. Stay a while.

About Krista Ledbetter

Krista Ledbetter comes from a newspaper reporting background. Several years, tweets, and a career shift later, she keeps busy as a brand journalist for TDS Telecom. You're most likely to find her running or on the couch--hers or otherwise. She enjoys both in equal measure.

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