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Krista Ledbetter comes from a newspaper reporting background. Several years, tweets, and a career shift later, she keeps busy as a brand journalist for TDS Telecom. You're most likely to find her running or on the couch--hers or otherwise. She enjoys both in equal measure.
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University sends praise after TDS VoIP install

The TDS field services team in Vermont has a lot to pat itself on the back for in 2016. David Colbert, manager of Field Services,… more...
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TDS launches 300Mbps for businesses in St. George, Utah, and Mesquite, Nevada

TDS business customers in St. George, Utah, and Mesquite, Nevada, can now work faster online with the launch of 300Mbps internet speed, the company announced today.
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TDS® acquires InterLinx Communications in Southern Utah

The move aims to boost network capacity and reliability for customers in TDS’ largest market. Read more:
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Spooky! The TDS and Stephen King connection

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We’re all familiar with that pop culture reference, right? Right along with, “Redrum. Redrum. Redrum.”… more...
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Social media @ work: step away from that status update

More than 70 percent of adult internet users use Facebook. Chances are most of you are among the 70 percent. It's difficult to find an adult who doesn't use social media today. But social media use during work hours is a delicate topic. Read more:
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Things to know before you trade show

Trade shows: are they a worthwhile company investment or a just a place to hand out branded knick-knacks and can koozies? Read more:
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Heavy breathing and other conference call faux pas

Ah, the art of the conference call. Seems simple, right? Dial in, listen up, and let the productivity flow. Wrong. Read more:
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Climbing Everest and the corporate ladder

Whether you're climbing Everest or the corporate ladder, the same lessons can be learned and applied in both situations. Read more:
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5 cyber scams employees keep falling for

You can warn. You can educate. You can try. But, chances are, your employees are still going to fall for a cyber scam from time to time. Find out what your employees are falling for:
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