Making room at the cool kids’ table

phone_stilettoOne of my dad’s favorite movies was Field of Dreams. While that film’s iconic phrase, “If you build it, he will come,” referred to Ray Kinsella’s father, it could also refer to the way we think about businesses. If you build a great product or provide a great service, customers will come.

If only it were so easy, right? So you market the heck out of your products and services. And that’s great. Marketing is fun and sexy. Everybody loves marketing (well, with the possible exception of IT departments, but I’m convinced there’s really a whole love/hate dynamic going on there).

Your old phone system, on the other hand, is definitely not sexy. Like your lease, insurance, utilities and legal expenses, there’s no room for it at the cool kids’ table.

To put it bluntly, like so many Disney and teen romcom heroines, your phone system needs a makeover. A good makeover can turn your phone system from just a bill you pay into a tremendous (revenue generating) machine (excuse the Secretariat reference, although he, like your potential phone system, was very sexy).

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the value of your phone system is probably best seen through the eyes of your customers or heard through the ears of your customers, in this case. You get the idea . It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if when your customers call to ask about it they hear static and echoes or they have to repeat themselves over and over again (or if the phone rings and rings and no one answers). It’s a frustrating experience that has a direct effect on your bottom line: if I call and I can’t find you, hear you, or understand you, I’m probably not going to try again. Like your customers, learn to view your phone system as a critical business tool. Imagine a day without using your phone or internet connectivity – could you keep your business running without these tools?

When combined into a powerful business VoIP solution, these strategic tools help your business sell and provide customer service. The quality of your phone connection is a direct reflection of the quality of your business – it’s how you catch the eye of those potential customers at every table in the proverbial business cafeteria.

Is your business ready for VoIP? Watch the short video below to learn more.

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Kris works on the Commercial Marketing team at TDS Telecom and helps TDS achieve their online objectives through digital marketing and website optimization. She has worked in the digital marketing space for over 15 years, in product categories as diverse as shoes, banking, beds and pig farming supplies (really!). Kris has both undergraduate degrees and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and therefore bleeds Badger red. She’s a veteran blogger on topics ranging from digital marketing to Wisconsin fish frys to the sweet necessity of ugly office sweaters. Nowadays, you’re more likely to find her on Twitter or Google+ trying to decipher the mysteries of A Song of Ice and Fire. In her spare time, you can find Kris kayaking, hanging out at the dog park, or thinking about lawn care.
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