Social Media and Customer Service – How to make it work

It’s hard to remember a day when social media didn’t exist. It’s sort of like trying to remember how I got my work done without a computer (or while sharing one with six others). Just as computers make our job easier (most of the time), social media offers us a new way to connect with customers.

It’s true, social media makes it easy to reach customers with product and service news, promotions, and announcements. It also gives us a new way to deliver customer service. In his recent blog, Scott Levy offers 5 tips for using social media as a customer service tool, including:

1) Creating a secondary Twitter account for customer service issues
2) Importance of replying quickly
3) Letting the customer know who they are engaging with at your business
4) Reasons to reply in a friendly, helpful manner
5) Creating a system of checks and balances

Are you leveraging social media to help enhance your customer service? If not, it’s time. Before you jump in, make sure you have a plan. Who will watch your social media feeds? Will you monitor them 24X7 or just 8-5? What about on weekends, holidays and when you’re sick?

Remember, in order to take advantage of using social media to deliver outstanding customer service, having a plan is critical to your success. Create a plan for who, when, where and how you’ll monitor and then build your own monitoring dashboard.

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