7 tips for a happy year

Every New Year we talk about resolutions – lose 10 lbs., start running, eat more vegetables, the list is endless. Resolutions are often made with good intentions but rarely are they fully achieved. This year let’s look at seven easy steps you can take to make the year ahead full of health and happiness.

1.       Step back and give yourself a pat on the back

Too often we look for approval from others when in reality we should be kind to ourselves and recognize a job well done when we do it.  You cannot appreciate someone else’s good work if you don’t acknowledge your own.  Make a resolution this year to give yourself a pat on the back.

2.       Try something new – get a hobby

At work there are plenty of ways to learn new things:  take on a challenging project, complete a training course, lead a committee, or volunteer at a local school or nonprofit.  There are many ways to keep growing in your career. But don’t forget about your personal interests too. Perhaps you want to learn to knit or play the guitar?  Or maybe you want to start a whole new hobby, whatever it is jump in and learn something new – your brain will thank you for it.  Make a small step toward this by researching something of interest to you, or take a visit to a book store to soak in some options.

3.       Make a new friend

This may seem like an odd resolution to make, but think about how much time you spend cultivating new relationships – probably not enough. Both at work and at home it is important to have friends along with family and colleagues. Take the time to meet someone, perhaps it will happen when you start a new hobby or maybe it’s someone you work near but have never taken the time to get to know. You could join an Employee Resource Group at work and find a new friend there too.

4.       Clean up your workspace and files

Resolve to tidy up. Many of us have file cabinets filled with old papers or email boxes overflowing with messages. Do yourself a favor and do a quick clean-up before the year starts. Clean up your desktop files along with your email. Note: Remember the document retention rules in place at TDS before you go cleaning up too much.

5.       Maintain balance with boundaries

Even though you enjoy your work, sometimes, it can be hard to maintain balance between your work life and personal life. This year make a resolution to establish boundaries between worktime and your personal time. Define what your priorities are and how many hours per week you can give it. It can be really hard to find balance in the beginning, but with practice you can eventually learn to draw the line between worktime and personal time.

6.       Eat better 65% of the time

You spend a lot of time on the job, so it is important to develop healthy eating habits at work because on average, we all spend more than 65% of our day at work. The eating patterns we develop during this larger portion of the day can affect productivity at work. Then when you are enjoying time with your family and friends in the evening you can splurge once in a while without feeling guilty.  Make a goal this year to pack a healthy lunch and snacks!

7.       Plan out your vacation time

We all know a year can fly by in a jiffy. Sit down now and plan out your major vacation days with your allotted time provided by TDS. Using your vacation time is an important part of achieving work/life balance –you need down time, especially when work is really busy. Resolve to take time for yourself and/or your family with a vacation or a stay-cation.

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Everyone needs something to look forward to – where will you go in 2019?

Guest Blogger: DeAnne Boegli

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