Duties, opportunities, values and ethics

Photo courtesy of Flickr user spotreporting.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user spotreporting.

People are the core of any business so finding the right fit is crucial. Fit is when things in the organization and the employees that make it up are in sync. Values, mission, work ethic, leadership styles, all run like a well-oiled machine.

But how do you find the right fit? Normally you find the right fit by advertising the opportunity. The easiest thing (and often a huge mistake) is to simply post a job description. Or worse yet post a collection of duties and wait for qualified applicants to submit high quality applications.

There is a better way!!!

Try these steps to put together the most critical components and figure out what is actually needed before you post the opportunity.

  1. Discuss and understand what is needed for the role
    If it is a new project, what skills are needed to do the basics? Can these skills be learned on the job or does one need outside experience? List those skills.
  2. Consider the current talent base
    What traits and tendencies do the top performers possess? These are the ones that make your job as a manager much easier. Do they have a certain education or is it a type of experience? Are there particular industries they come from that bring that to the table?
  3. Short or long term
    Is there potential to promote from this position? Will it need to be backfilled if a person leaves once it is done? Is turnover a major factor?
  4. Clearly state what value this new role brings to the organization
    Will it be to increase productivity or capacity? Is this a role that could be used for improving current situations or expanding new product or service offerings?

By defining these four areas you create a framework that clarifies what the Duties, Opportunities, Values, and Ethics (DOVE) are desired for the position you’d like to fill. A more realistic understanding of a successful candidate can be developed and the selection process becomes more focused.

Selecting the right employee is critical to your business and here’s why:

Turnover costs US businesses $11 billion annually according to this Forbes article.

Disengaged employees are estimated to cost $450 to $550 billion in the U.S. from this Gallup poll.

Bad workplace dynamics are barriers to creativity.

The wrong talent can be very costly, however when the right skill is matched to the right environment there can be growth. Both professionally and financially, it makes sense to choose wisely.

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