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February can be a tough month. If you live in a place that experiences cold temperatures, you are especially over it. It’s easy to let all the good vibes from the New Year dissipate. You go from wanting to conquer the world to just trying to survive. If this is you, just know it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how I keep the new smell on the new year.

    • Take a break
      That may seem counterintuitive but January is a time for pushing and it’s hard to maintain that pace. When you start to feel a little burned out, listen to what your body is telling you and take a break. If you live somewhere cold, go someplace warm.
    • Gain accountability
      It’s easy to fall into old patterns, you’re human. This is why having accountability is so important. If you don’t have someone (co-worker, coach, boss, spouse, etc.) to hold you accountable then you won’t change or improve.
    • Stay focused
      People set goals because they have some new level of success they are trying to attain in life. Your goals should get you excited thinking about them. By staying connected to your goals, you can fight through tough times, keep your excitement level high and maintain your mindset.

These are my top three areas to help you get and stay focused in the New Year. Anytime I am feeling down or in a rut, I envision my future success. I keep great people around me to help me stay connected to best version of me. What are you doing to stay committed?

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