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This past weekend was my best friend’s wedding. All of the groomsmen met about two hours before the big event to get dressed and take photos. There were laughs, adult beverages, and more than a few offers to help my buddy get out of dodge before it was too late.

All of us waited until the very last minute to put on our neckties. I stood up and within a few seconds I was done. One of the gentlemen acknowledged my superior skill and asked me if I could help with his tie. Slowly, a few more of the men in the room admitted to not knowing how to tie a necktie. I was shocked. I just assumed everyone knew how to tie a necktie (We all know what happens when we “assume” things, right?).

Being that September is #ContinuingEducation month here on the blog I thought now would be the perfect time to show share with you how I tie a knot. I learned this particular knot several years ago from another friend of mine, Luke Sampe (Don’t know who Luke Sampe is? He’s kind of a big deal. You should Google him.). It has proven to be a very versatile knot. It works in the boardroom as well as the home office. It looks good with just about any dress shirt and it works with the most common collar types (button down, pinpoint or spread).

Is this is a Windsor Knot? Half Windsor? I have no idea. All I know is it’s easy to do and most of you can master this skill in 10 minutes or less. Click play below to check out the videos. One was shot a little further away, while the second was shot closer so you can really see the hand movements. I tried to keep it short. The secret to mastering this knot is you start with the back of the tie facing outward. Enjoy!

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