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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Adikos

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Adikos

Savvy business owners understand the importance of learning from others to create the perfect business model. It’s vital to consume as much information as possible and to never stop learning – that could be why you’re reading this blog (thank you, I appreciate you).

However, does your business have its own blog – and, more importantly, are you using this valuable resource properly?

When considering promotional opportunities, we no longer have to rely solely on traditional PR methods to present ourselves or our business as an expert.

While it’s certainly worthwhile, for example, spending the time to get to know trade or consumer journalists relevant to your field and pitching the idea of you becoming a regular columnist for them – don’t forget that thanks to the digital age, you can become a publisher too!

Blogging platforms have given us the tools to publish our own material. Blog content can keep your website fresh or be a perfect thing to share on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Here are some top tips for successful small business blogging:

  1. Avoid ‘sales talk’ on your blog
    You want to think carefully about what interests your customers and create content to match. For example, you’re in the beauty business selling makeup and hairstyling products: Don’t overtly talk about your products – unless you’ve just launched something particularly unique. Instead, write about hot new beauty trends, cool celeb looks you admire, interview specialists you work with or ask your loyal customers to write a fun review. Aim for one or two posts a week at least and if spelling and grammar isn’t your thing, ask a co-worker or friend to check over your writing before you click ‘publish’. If you’re stuck for topics to blog about, this free tool is useful for ideas.
  2. Use pretty photos
    Blogs should be image-led (have your camera ready at all times) so you don’t have to write an incredible amount of text. In fact, you should keep text to between 300-500 words per article – anymore and the reader might switch off.
  3. Outside of your own blog, have you considered writing on other platforms?
    There are loads of opportunities to share your voice by contributing guest blogs (look at all of TDS Telecom’s guest bloggers doing an awesome job!). LinkedIn also recently announced its plans to open up a publishing platform to all its 277 million+ members. This new feature will enable users to write and publish their own blog posts on the website. It could be a great way to build your influence on LinkedIn, especially because other members who are not in your network will be able to follow your blog content. Apply for early access to this platform here.
  4. And P.S. please don’t think of blogging as just another boring thing to add to your ‘to do’ list.
    It’s actually quite exciting seeing your writing published and appreciated. You can expect to find yourself enjoying the blogging process.

Is blogging in your future? Let us know what you think by reaching out to us on Twitter or Facebook.

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