The healing power of the office prank

Photo courtesy of Flickr users Kyle and Kelly Adams

Photo courtesy of Flickr users Kyle and Kelly Adams

Many of us work hard but we shouldn’t forget to have a little time out now and again. Countless studies have found that taking short breaks during the working day benefits our productivity, creativity and mood.

Down time might include a brisk walk outside, eating lunch away from your desk, listening to a couple of your favorite tunes or having fun with your colleagues, such as playing or being the victim of an innocent office prank!

Playing occasional hilarious, harmless pranks on your co-workers can do wonders for team morale.

TDS Telecom is celebrating the power of the prank by asking you to submit a photo of the best office prank you’ve been part of or witnessed. Enter here for your chance to win a $100 gift card.

Of course, it’s important to be cautious when partaking in creative silliness. Here’s what NOT to do when considering your next office prank:

  1. Don’t photocopy your body parts – it’s the most unoriginal office prank and can go disastrously wrong like it did for the fella in the video below.
  2. Pranks should make the recipient smile – not feel stressed! When Glenn Howlett, who worked at London City Hall, was on vacation, his co-workers thought it would be hilarious to send him a memo saying that a big report he was working on was now due early (on April 1st). Howlett didn’t realize it was a joke and had to be admitted to the hospital with heart palpitations. He eventually sued his employer for damages.
  3. Don’t mess with the law, ever. Sitra Walker, an employee at a clothing store in Columbus, Ohio, called her boss on April 1st to announce that the store was being robbed. The boss took her seriously, four police cars arrived and Walker was arrested for inducing panic.

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