Time to recharge?

Rechargeable batteries

With the New Year going strong there are plenty of new projects and initiatives to work on. Many of us will be kicking it in to high gear after a long holiday season. It’s important to stay on task and build momentum, but we should also be conscious of our energy levels. Being aware of how our bodies are doing is very important.

The demands of business can take their toll. Sometimes leaders find themselves stretched a bit too thin and need to recharge. Ignoring that feeling will eventually lead to burn out. If left unchecked it can lead to anxiety, depression, memory loss, etc. Here are some things to consider if your personal productivity is down or energy levels are low.

Many of us have competing priorities. Paying attention to how intense things are is important. You may need to do less and rest more. This may not sound like something you want to do, but it isn’t––it’s something you need to do if you hope to regain energy.

Maybe a change in routine is needed to shake things up. It can be uninspiring to take the same route to work or go to the same meetings, at the same time every day. Predictability is draining for certain personality types and simple changes can sometimes mix it up enough to break the monotony. There are also benefits to creativity when you change your routine.

Move more!
Sitting too long is bad and not getting enough blood flow lowers energy. Maybe it’s time to incorporate regular walks, stretches, or more activity throughout your day. Doing a short walk every 90 minutes or a longer walk during lunch can help burn calories, increase heart rate and get your body’s metabolism going.

Slowing down mental activity with meditation gives the brain a break. Excessive stimulation can wear down your ability to concentrate. It can be as simple as deep breathing for five minutes. The brain consumes 20% of calories, so giving it a chance to slow down can help recover some of that energy.

It may seem counterintuitive to do less or slow down. But sometimes you need to take a step back if you hope to move forward. Backing off occasionally can give you the time needed to recover and ultimately increase your overall ability.

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